Thursday, July 23, 2009

Final thoughts on the TRT 50M

I got myself out for my short loop run this morning, the first time since last Saturday's ultra. While it did feel good to be moving again, my stomach was still a little wobbly from a bug that my son and I had earlier this week. But it did give me time to reflect on last weekend's race a little more.

First: If you were at all interested in the TRT ultra, or even ultras in general, GO READ Gretchen's race report. She took all the pictures I wanted to, remembered details I wish I would've, all while taking second place female. Awesome job.

Second: The race results have been posted. (Though, strangely, not yet on the website.) They reported my time exactly as I had it, 10:32:30. That put me in 13th overall (out of 96), 9th male in the 50M. SUPER happy with that. Pretty fun, too, to look at the winning times - in both the 50K and the 50M, there was one person who totally blew the field away. By over an hour in the 50M!

And finally: am I going to do one of these again? My mind kept coming back to two things this morning.

1) I think I acquitted myself pretty well out there for my first 50M - does that mean I should pursue it? I don't think I'd ever get to a point where I'd place in a race like this, so really I'd just be doing it for myself. And I think the 50M is a little longer than I want to be in the habit of doing.

2) After the Red House Loop, I was still feeling pretty strong - I looked kind of longingly at the trail back to Spooner, thinking what a perfect race it would have been if I had been signed up for the 50K. I'm glad I did the 50M, but I also think the 32 miler might be a little better distance right now.

So, I'm not going to rule out doing one of these next year. I love the trail, the area, the people... But I also may decide to focus on another distance of discipline. Sure has been fun out there, though.


Anonymous said...

u rock

Peter Lubbers said...

Hey, not so fast, what about two loops?
100 is the new 50, you know...

Turi Becker said...

Nope. Still can't wrap my head around a 100 miler.

SnowLeopard said...

Ha ha, Peter you're hilarious! ;) Seriously Turi, if you're out there and having a good time enjoying the great outdoors, might as well get the full experience, eh? I think it's AWESOME you can run these distances and feel so good, even if the last couple miles are difficult~

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the link and compliments Turi!
The thing is, this was only your first 50. You finished amazingly well, and you will gain so much through experience. I would definitely not assume that you couldn't "place" in one of these races. That point aside though, if you continue with the longer distances, I think you'll find that placing high in the field isn't what provides the biggest sense of accomplishment. Otherwise, most of the time we wouldn't bother.
Anyway, I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to talk you into it. You definitely have to go with whatever distances and races speak to your heart. I'm just saying, don't write it off as a one-time-deal quite yet.
Once again, nice job out there!!

Turi Becker said...

Good words, Gretchen. Thanks for the wisdom.

arcteryx said...

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