Friday, July 3, 2009

June streak thoughts

Three days into July, and I've now taken two of them off. Feels kind of nice.

It actually wasn't easy to NOT run on Wednesday - although sleeping in was nice, my body felt weird not having moved in the morning. Even in the evening, I kinda thought "maybe I can get out and sneak a run in, keep the streak going," but I forced myself to stay in and rest. What do they say, it takes doing something for three weeks for it to become a habit? I think the daily run had definitely started to become a habit.

So overall this running everyday has been interesting. I think that it's a better idea for me to work rest days in - but in order to compare, I'll have to get back on my couple-rest-days-a-week schedule. I could feel some aches and pains starting to build up - nothing serious, just nagging. Hopefully forcing myself to rest will take care of that. I DO feel pretty dang strong after all those miles, though.

But were they "junk miles?" That sure was a lot of little 3-mile days. Some people seem to think you need less of those and more hard interval or tempo workouts, while others recommend lots of low-impact runs keeping your heart rate fairly low. Near the end there, I did give up my speedwork because it felt like i wasn't recuperating from those hard workouts fast enough.

Also, this was an interesting experiment to do in the month ramping up miles for an ultra - I felt like those little three-milers were just nibbles when I really needed more full-course meals. Of course I did get some pretty long runs in as well...

I'm glad I did run this June streak - one of my goals for the year was to learn more about myself as a runner, and I think this has taught me a bit. I'm also glad it's over, though, and I can move on.

Speaking of moving on, I actually did do a short run this evening - just under a mile. More on that in another post, though...


slowrunner77 said...

what runs to do depends on your goals...a runner who does only ultras doesn't really need many interval/tempo type runs, nor does the runner for general fitness or weight loss types. the only time there's a question as to what's better is for the shorter distnce runners. Runner's World and other publications will sometimes push quality over quantity for 5k/10k runners. I can somewhat vouch for this as I ran 16:20 last year on 80 mile weeks, and 16:30 this year on 30-35 mile weeks, but a lot of quality stuff. However, if I'd run longer than 5k, I didn't feel as strong, and there's no way I could have run 30k or a marathon like last year. So...if one is strapped for time, you can "get away with" less total miles and a higher % of quality work, but for what you're doing, time on your feet is most imrtant, and in building an enduance base, there are no junk miles.

SnowLeopard said...

Junk miles? I agree with Chris. No such thing. Especially when that is all you have time for, or when you have an injury- every mile counts! :)