Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back and battered

Hi everyone.

I've returned from my backpacking trip to Montana (pics here, if you're interested.) Had a great time, saw friends, it was beautiful but rained a little, etc. etc.

While I was out, though, I managed to take a couple of falls, both on rain-slick granite. On the first one I scraped an elbow and (probably) bruised a rib. On the second I managed to drop a rock I was carrying on my leg just above my left ankle, which I think may have served to tear something inside my left knee. It feels suspiciously like how it did with the meniscus tears I've had arthroscopically repaired in both knees.

So, I haven't run in the week and a half since I've been back. My rib is finally feeling better enough to get out and try, but the knee vacillates from maybe-ok-enough-to-try-to-run to too-weak-to-hold-me-up. Meanwhile I'm having trouble transitioning from vacation/backpacking eating habits back to the real world, and am gaining a few pounds. Need to find a way to a) make myself get out and try a few miles on this knee and b) stop eating and drinking everything I can see.

I'm a little discouraged here - This year seems to be following the same pattern as last year. Great Spring race season, taper off the speed and up miles for a July ultra, then get injured and lazy and feel unprepared for the fall races. I was really hoping to be able to train for a good time in a fall or winter marathon, too.

Anyway, that's where I am.


SnowLeopard said...

Dude. You and I are in almost exactly the same boat! Except I hurt myself early in the year, and am having a difficult time dropping the pounds I gained while my back was healing, and motivating myself to get back out there (and stop eating and drinking everything in sight!). I also wanted to get in a few good fall races, but my endurance just isn't where it needs to be for that. We need some Library Dork training! Then we can motivate each other!

Peter Lubbers said...

Bummer about the injuries, Turi. You just need to get out of your post-vacation slump. Try out a strict diet while you're not out running, so you'll at least drop the pounds in time. You still have 6 weeks before the LTM, so maybe tracking the daily intake on a site like "the daily burn" will help and you'll be motivated again in no time.