Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catching up

After last weekend's trail run and 10K, I was surprisingly sore for a few days. That and some other factors led to me not being able to drag my butt out of bed to run in the morning yet this week. I celebrated finishing part of a big project at work by taking the afternoon off as a "mental health" day and going for a rare non-morning run.

When I go to races around town, I always think "there are all these runners in Reno? When do they run?" Well, it finally occurs to me - they probably run when it's light out, unlike me and my eeeearly morning training. There sure were a lot of people out jogging around on a Thursday afternoon today. And what a beautiful afternoon it was - high 60's, maybe into the 70's. Pouring sweat by the time I got home from my 6 miles.

This weekend is setting up to be crazy. There's a beer festival on Friday night I'm pretty interested in. Saturday morning is the Nike Human Race, which is a FREE entry 10k. (Hard to pass up, even if just for schwag and deals...) Pumpkin carving party at my brother-in-law's Saturday night. And the Fall Colors Trail Half Marathon on Sunday morning.

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SnowLeopard said...

Ooooohhhh FREEEEEE! Man! Why did I ever think I wanted to work on weekends so I miss these things?!? Oh wait. I didn't. :) Well, sounds like you're going to have a fab weekend~