Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kokanee Salmon Festival Trail Runs

Last Sunday was the Kokanee Salmon Festival at Camp Richardson, (as well as the Oktoberfest) and the trail half marathon was one of the races in the High Sierra Trail Half Marathon Series that I've been trying to run. Everything came together nicely for Team Library Dork, too, and we got everyone together, plus a few extra honorary dorks. We had Abbey (a coworker of Amber's from the Carson City Library,) Gretchen and another friend from Berkeley, Sarah.

The day started pretty early - Amber and I drove up from Reno to Truckee to pick up Gretchen and Sarah, then we drove down the west side of Lake Tahoe into an increasing storm. By the time we got to Emerald Bay (and the steep, windy part of the road, we had some serious snow happening. A couple inches on the road already, and very slick surfaces. I crept down some of the tuns at less than 5 miles an hour. Good thing we were running a little early.

(Sarah had to scrape the ice off her bike...)

Once we got organized, bibs picked up and registered, we had just a few minutes to hang out and shiver. Here's the whole group, including Chris and Abby's daughter Hannah.

Once we started running, the snowy trail turned out to be a blast! Here's a couple of shots of what it looked like:

(These two pictures were actually taken about an hour apart - I followed this same guy for the majority of the race.)

For most of the race, the sun came out and it was beautiful. There was some snow blowing off the trees, and it was really a joy to run on the soft snow and sometimes dirt of the trail. Here's what the route looked like:

And the elevation profile (and my speed):

At one point, the trail took us in the trees above the South Lake Tahoe Hight School track. It was deserted, of course, but looked pretty cool...

I pushed through the second half, eventually passed the guy I'd been following on an uphill, and enjoyed the rest of the trail. With about two miles left, the half marathon course rejoined the 10K and 5K courses, and it got a little more crowded. Passed a few more people in the woods, then the last mile was on the road, and I couldn't catch anyone else. After the finish (under 2 hours, not bad) I found Chris and Dave, who already had a Ten Fidy cracked. Chris had won the half, and Dave did the 5K, coming back from an injury.

We hung out and watched a few of the others finish, although the only person I managed to get a finish picture of was Amber:

After that we had a bunch of hanging around while they tabulated the results. We stood and shivered:

Or sat on the warm pavement:

After a while, the race organizers broke out a couple of bottles of wine and passed them around to the people who were still waiting for results. Two Buck Chuck out of paper cups never tasted so good:

Of course, some of us didn't need the cup:

After the awards, which were specially labeled bottles of wine and painted salmon, we all trucked into South Lake Tahoe for pizza. Then back home - a nice long day with friends, and a really fun race.


Peter Lubbers said...

So Abby was the designated driver?

Sounds like you had a great time out there. Probably a good thing the marathon was in September (with the snow)!

Gretchen said...

Awesome report, Turi! Love the photos.
What a great day running with friends. I'm so glad I joined you guys. Thanks again for driving, especially considering the hairy conditions. Made for a great adventure!
And hey, nice running out there!

SnowLeopard said...

Yay TLD! It was great to be able to run together as a team again! When's the next race? :) And I agree with Gretchen- you did a great job driving in the snow, down windy slick roads with no guard rail~ glad it wasn't me!

Trail gal said...

Thanks for letting me be an honorary library dork! What a great day!