Friday, October 23, 2009

Toenail TMI

Lotta talk around the running blogs about toenails. Apparently there was a New York Times article about some ultrarunners who have taken the step of having their toenails surgically removed. Scott Dunlap has some good links to that and some other articles at his blog.

I can see why someone would want to do that - my own toenails have been suffering lately. After some serious stubbings at the Lake of The Sky trail marathon, I've had about three black ones developing, as well as one that didn't turn black, but was seriously not right. Well - tonight was apparently their night...

Disclaimer - photos below are not for the squeamish. Not as bad as the Lisa Bliss article that Scott linked to, but extreme feet close-ups. You've been warned.

So, while doing some routine nail maintenance tonight, I noticed that I could slide the file part of the nail clippers right under the nail on the black ones. A little bend back, a tug with some needlenose pliers, and they were off. Tried the same on the other weird one, and it gave it up, too. A fifth nail was headed the same way, but just wouldn't come off, so it got trimmed back to pretty much nothing. Soooo, yeah - basically down to 5 toenails now.

OK, ready? Here's what the aftermath looks like:

Right foot - the second (longest) and forth nail came completely off, and the fifth got cut back.

Left foot - second toenail was the one that didn't turn black, and the third toe went as well.


SnowLeopard said...

Holy CRAP Turi! Did/does that hurt? Looks painful enough~ And, BTW, with runners? It's never TMI. It can get gross out there. ;)

saucony shoes said...

Aww.that looks painful.Hope I will not experience like that with my shoes.

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