Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend running

Had a pretty full weekend, running-wise, for me. Got out for a 14 mile blind date trail run on Saturday, and a pacer-duty 10K on Sunday.

Saturday I met Adam (introduced through a mutual friend) at his house and drove out to Galena Park. He runs down there a bit, but I've never really been. We did a loop around the outside of the park that totaled 14 miles, but there were so many trail options, you could've done whatever you wanted. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, and it was too much - super nice morning. Here's a few pics:

Athtough Adam was outpacing me on the initial climb, he was kind enough to slow ans walk the uphills with me. It was really cool to hear about his PCT experiences, thoughts on ultralight gear and stuff. Really fun run. Here's the data from Lumpy:

On Sunday morning I managed to wake up and make it to the Meridian Run for Education, a benefit for the Washoe County School District. I had hoped to interest my 8 year-old into doing the kids 1/2 mile run, but he didn't seem into it, so I just ran the 10K with Team Library Dork member Amber. Dave was also supposed to show up, but was under the weather. Hope he's better for next weekend's Canfest. ;)

Amber pushed it pretty hard and almost got a PR - less than a minute off. It was a perfect run for me, good pace and fairly flat. Although the elevation profile looks strikingly like Saturday's run, pay attention to the scale - less than half of the elevation gain.

Although I didn't bring my camera, Amber took an "after" shot on her phone:

Does my face look like that? A little iPhone distortion, I think...

Anyway, quite a weekend. Thanks for all the friends to run with!


SnowLeopard said...

Wow that's a lot of elevation on Saturday's run! You sure got your exercise this weekend. :) Thank you for running with me this morning! You're the best motivational side-running coach.

Yeah, I'm sure my hand was moving when I took that last one~

ivy said...

I was there Saturday morning too, I ran the Jones/Whites Creek Loop, those switchbacks were brutal. Sounds like you had a fun blind date run, don't know Adam well I just know him as the guy that made me signed in at patagucci my husband works with him.

Anonymous said...

Turi thanks again for the ride, the run and the data card of the rim to download. I think our pace was awesome man! Good times. Give me a shout if you are around town this weekend.