Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Misery One Miler (with lots of parentheses)

I made myself get out this morning for Runninglaur's Winter Misery One Miler virtual race. Here's a short recap by the facts:

Date - December 21, 2009 (first day of winter)

Time: 4:20 am (at least that's when I left home, I didn't start the ACTUAL mile until about 20 minutes later...)

Location: One of my standard loops through Rancho San Rafael, which just happened to include a nice mile downhill on Keystone Avenue.)

Temperature: 31 F (when I left, 33 upon return)

Running surface: Pavement (with some icy patches and packed snow)

Footwear: Adidas Supernovas (an old pair, with sheet metal screws in the bottom for traction)

Best mile split: 6:48 (which felt pretty flat out this morning, except for the few seconds of panic when I had to jump in a snowbank because a car was coming around a blind corner toward me)

Fun: Had. Thanks for putting on these virtual races!


SnowLeopard said...

Dude! That's a fast mile! Did you print and wear your bib? It's not official without the bib! ;)

Gretchen said...

Wow, with all that ice and snow on the ground? That really IS fast! Myself, I went for a dog walk this morning, and about ten yards down the street slipped on the ice, landed on my butt and broke my favorite coffee mug after it went flying through the air spilling coffee everywhere and smashing onto the pavement. Not nearly as much fun as running a mile at 4:30 in the morning! Maybe I need some of those screws for the dog walk...

RunningLaur said...

love how you identified where the car was! I think you're my fastest mile yet - and the first one with screw shoes too - definitely in the true spirit of winter misery!

Pining for Pinterest said...

That is a fast mile! I am impressed with the results :-)