Sunday, February 21, 2010

You've Gotta Be Crazy Run

This morning was the You've Gotta Be Crazy run out in Verdi. The first time I did it was last year, and true to form, it snowed on us during the race. This year it got a little more serious - despite having been a pretty nice day Saturday, it started snowing at about 9 PM and still hasn't stopped. TWO FEET at my house Sunday morning. I think my area got the brunt of it, though - it seemed more like six inches in most of the rest of town.

I carpooled out with Amber - passed a few cars slid off of I-80, already being attended to by fire trucks and ambulances. We met Dave (sitting out with injury) out at the Verdi Library, right next to the start, hung out and waited for Chris, Abby and Hannah, and got registered. I decided to wear my screwed shoes for traction, with gaiters on top. I had no problems slipping, and I didn't see anyone else with traction issues, but apparently the fasties had issues with it...

Speaking of the speedy crew, here's Chris heading out from the start line:


And a minute later, Amber and I trotted by.


While we were out slogging around the wet Verdi Roads, Hannah apparently had a little snow party of her own.


Though I wasn't there to see it, Abby got a good picture of her husband Chris right near the finish line, for the win -


And this of Chris pacing Amber and I in.

After the awards, and me scoring a $2 green vest that Amber insisted I buy, we adjourned to the library for refreshments. An after picture :

Yes, Amber's wondering what Chris is doing with his pants, and I'll spare you the after photo...

Results have been posted...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fireblades - first run

Despite lack of motivation, I got myself out for a little trail run this morning. to introduce the La Sportiva Fireblades to Nevada. (These are the ones that I won from Wilderness Running Company, mentioned in my last post..) I did the loop up Keystone Canyon and back down Evans Creek Canyon, a local favorite.

The shoes had felt pretty tight right out of the box, and despite wearing them to work a couple days, they still felt snug. Once I started running on them, though, I didn't notice it at all. If anything, they're a tiny bit stiffer than I prefer, but they may soften up a bit. One thing that was very nice was the soft rubber - the few times the dirt gave way to rocky sections I felt like I was glued to it. Not sure how that will affect the durability of the sole, but it would be really nice on rockier trails.

Like - in Zion.

On May 1st, Wilderness Running is doing a 50K non-race event. Pure Zion, they call it - a "mini-traverse" of the park. Because of park rules, it'll be limited to 12 runners, and registration will start March 1. The pictures are stunning, and it sounds like about the coolest thing ever. I'd love to do it, but not sure if it'll work out for me. Any other trail runners reading this, though, take a look.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Speaking of free shoes

I hadn't mentioned yet, because I wanted to try them out first, but I also won a pair of trail shoes last week from Wilderness Running Company. It was a simple Twitter contest - "follow us to enter" - and I was more than happy to put them on my list.

WRC seems like a company that's doing it right - the posts on their blog are well-thought out and give good insight into the industry. They have some great product reviews (and great reviewers) and do some fun stuff like their Dutch Auction, where one item drops in price every day until it sells. Though I haven't needed much gear lately, they'll be my pick the next time I need some trail stuff...

So the drawing was for a Garmin 405 (which I've had for almost two years now anyway) so I was ecstatic to hear that they were giving some other stuff away - and I'd won a pair of La Sportiva Fireblades. I let them know my size, and they were here within a couple days.

They have a pretty snug, low-profile (Euro?) fit, and I've worn them to work a couple times now to get my feet used to them. I hope to get them out on the trails for a bit this weekend, but the weather forecast isn't looking great. So, they may get a bit muddy this weekend. I'll let you know how they do...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Team Library Dork at the Davis Stampede

Hey, I have a running blog! Why didn't someone remind me?

OK, it was no one's fault but my own that I haven't posted here for a month or so. Haven't been running much, unmotivated generally - just basically being lame.

So, to shock my body into getting back on track, I signed up for the half marathon at the Davis Stampede - then proceeded to not run for two weeks before it. So I was kind of destined for a "sufferfest," as Gretchen would put it.

TLD all met on Saturday afternoon, and I drove over the pass - I was the only one who hadn't worked that day. We had dinner in Citrus Heights, then found our hotel in West Sacramento, where Chris proceeded to fart on everyone and everything. Rocket powered, that guy.

We got up in the morning, blazed into Davis and got a parking spot about a block from the big park that's race central. Got all set, then Dave and Amber lined up for the 5K which started at 8, while Chris warmed up for the 10K, which started with the half at 8:10. And we were off.

So, obviously, everyone had to wait around for me. Chris ran his half in 34 something, good for second place, and Dave and Amber ran between 26 and 28 minutes - scoring Amber an age group first! She and Chris picked up their goodies (keychains, hats and pants) and they lazed around drinking lattes and stuff while I was out there dying. About an hour and a half later, I came in - nice to get cheered into the finish like that (and flashed by Chris...)

Everyone waited patiently while I wheezed, grabbed some water and a bagel and changed, then we wandered over to Fleet Feet so I could see if they had any good sales on shoes. (I really needed to replace my road shoes.) They were running the same pick-a-key, choose-a-locker contest as last year. Amber struck out, and Chris won a crappy tote bag. Then it was my turn, and I won - a pair of shoes! New Balance something-or-others - never tried the brand before, so now I'm looking forward to it.

We'd wasted enough time at this point that Sudwerk was almost open, so we headed there and had lunch. A shared taster of all their beers, and a pint or two with a pizza and I was really glad that Amber offered to drive home. But first there was the obligatory stop at Total Wine with coupons provided by Dave - and I managed to hold myself to $20 worth of beer there.

Fun trip, and I hope the sufferfest and the new shoes motivate me to get out there for some more miles. Further bulletins as events warrant...