Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fireblades - first run

Despite lack of motivation, I got myself out for a little trail run this morning. to introduce the La Sportiva Fireblades to Nevada. (These are the ones that I won from Wilderness Running Company, mentioned in my last post..) I did the loop up Keystone Canyon and back down Evans Creek Canyon, a local favorite.

The shoes had felt pretty tight right out of the box, and despite wearing them to work a couple days, they still felt snug. Once I started running on them, though, I didn't notice it at all. If anything, they're a tiny bit stiffer than I prefer, but they may soften up a bit. One thing that was very nice was the soft rubber - the few times the dirt gave way to rocky sections I felt like I was glued to it. Not sure how that will affect the durability of the sole, but it would be really nice on rockier trails.

Like - in Zion.

On May 1st, Wilderness Running is doing a 50K non-race event. Pure Zion, they call it - a "mini-traverse" of the park. Because of park rules, it'll be limited to 12 runners, and registration will start March 1. The pictures are stunning, and it sounds like about the coolest thing ever. I'd love to do it, but not sure if it'll work out for me. Any other trail runners reading this, though, take a look.


Gretchen said...

Nothing like new shoes calling your name to get you out there, right? ;) Thanks for posting the map, too. How far was that? I need to learn some more Reno trails. I've been running @ about 4:00 on most days Mon-Thurs., but I'm guessing you're still at work then?
Also, I would still really encourage the Pure Zion event. So. Much. Fun.Rally a friend or two to go with you! (Peter??) All abilities are welcome, and I just had so much fun there. I'm not going to make this one, but I'm hoping to return if they do another event in the Fall. (Sounds like that one may be more in the 50 Mile range though.)

SnowLeopard said...

Looks like you got some good miles in! Is that about 6, or am I off? Glad you like both of your shoes- if you alternate back and forth, they'll probably both last a lot longer...