Sunday, February 21, 2010

You've Gotta Be Crazy Run

This morning was the You've Gotta Be Crazy run out in Verdi. The first time I did it was last year, and true to form, it snowed on us during the race. This year it got a little more serious - despite having been a pretty nice day Saturday, it started snowing at about 9 PM and still hasn't stopped. TWO FEET at my house Sunday morning. I think my area got the brunt of it, though - it seemed more like six inches in most of the rest of town.

I carpooled out with Amber - passed a few cars slid off of I-80, already being attended to by fire trucks and ambulances. We met Dave (sitting out with injury) out at the Verdi Library, right next to the start, hung out and waited for Chris, Abby and Hannah, and got registered. I decided to wear my screwed shoes for traction, with gaiters on top. I had no problems slipping, and I didn't see anyone else with traction issues, but apparently the fasties had issues with it...

Speaking of the speedy crew, here's Chris heading out from the start line:


And a minute later, Amber and I trotted by.


While we were out slogging around the wet Verdi Roads, Hannah apparently had a little snow party of her own.


Though I wasn't there to see it, Abby got a good picture of her husband Chris right near the finish line, for the win -


And this of Chris pacing Amber and I in.

After the awards, and me scoring a $2 green vest that Amber insisted I buy, we adjourned to the library for refreshments. An after picture :

Yes, Amber's wondering what Chris is doing with his pants, and I'll spare you the after photo...

Results have been posted...


Gretchen said...

Oh my gosh, two feet??? No way! We got almost nothing up here. Looks pretty darn snowy, that's awesome! I guess you do have to be crazy, right?

Anyway, sorry I missed out, but honestly my butt was kicked from three days of snowshoeing. I woke up this morning with a running hangover, so no 5k racing for me. Looks like a total blast though. TLD rocks!

SnowLeopard said...

Today was definately great fun! Thanks for running with me, and dragging me across town. :)