Sunday, May 16, 2010

Silver State 50/50 Half marathon

I really enjoyed this race last year, and despite not being in the same shape I was then, was looking forward to it. One reason is that the start is about a mile from my house, in Ranch San Rafael, and I can ride my bike to it. Another is that it takes place on local trails that I'm pretty familiar with - although I usually run them in the other direction.

I took some pretty decent pictures, so I'm just going to let them tell the story:

Lining up for a pre-race briefing

Heading through the park and into the tunnel under McCarran Blvd.

Beginning of the climbing, under the UNR "N"

More climbing...

A line of runners coming up the switchbacks behind me

Lots of greenery and flowers due to a wet spring

Heading down to the aid station at the radio towers, with Peavine Peak behind

A rare flattish section

Great singletrack with old mines on the right side of the picture

Steep section heading up to aid station at (Poeville?) Lake

Looking back at the lake aid station

Looking back on an insanely steep climb

Awesome runner and volunteer Darren slapping together the PBJ

The start of the long downhill back to the finish

All in all, a great course and really fun race. This one's going to be a main part of my running season for years, I hope -


Michael Shane Helton said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you there. I was sweeping the course and we didn't get back until about 9pm. It was a beuatiful day.

Gretchen said...

Great pictures, Turi! Conditions couldn't have been better yesterday. Glad you had a great time.

SnowLeopard said...

Wow gorgeous! The trails I mean. ;) I am insanely jealous I didn't get to run with you yesterday~ although that hill looks a little grueling...

slowrunner77 said...

dude - the pictures were even better than last year's. way to go! one of these years i'll get to join you on this awesome course. i've run on and around it three times since the beginning of last week...although i usually was going "backwards" as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos Turi! Hey man I have a mlc old style black. it has a cut on one of the pockets, but other than that it is mint. we already fixed the cut with some ktape. I also have another puppy sale coming up next week so can check again if the black one won't work. Been running the half marathon course at peavine every weekend. fast and furious!