Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Burton Creek Trail Run - Race Report

Great website the Big Blue Adventure folks have. Wealth of information about each of their events - maps, descriptions, all sorts of stuff. I found it easy to use, maybe because I'd used it before, but some of my friends found the navigation confusing.

One thing about it, though - it needs to be proofread, badly. Especially the FAQ section.

Simple, easy sign-up from the event website. Confirmation email, and a race update email a day or two before the race.

Expo/Packet Pickup
Packet pickup morning of the race at their giant event trailer. Had to fill out an extra waiver - not sure why that couldn't have been handled as part of the sign-up, but whatever.

Goodie Bag
Pretty simple - a bunch of advertising, a gel and some sunscreen.

Pretty nice tech shirt with the Big Blue Adventure logo front and a list of the trail run series on the back. Grey for men, pink for women. Ran a bit small, but I think it was just an "athletic" cut.

Start area/restrooms
The start area was at the Tahoe Cross County Ski Area. Could have had a bit more parking, but it was fine. With all the infrastructure - finish line, race trailer, tents for bbq, Merrell display, etc. it all looked pretty festive. Restrooms were inside the Cross Country center's building - stunk up pretty good before the race. Glad there was plenty of toilet paper.

Over the PA system, nice and loud. Not too complicated, basically follow the markings and watch for volunteers.

Countdown start. The first mile or so of the course sure could have been wider - it was pretty crowded there for a while.

Course Markings
The course was pretty well marked, although the loopiness of it confused me once or twice. The signage was little white signs with blue arrows. I did miss one on a turnoff from a road to a trail, but caught myself pretty quick. If I do more of the races in this series, I'll know what to look for now...

There were a decent number of friendly people out volunteering.

Aid Stations
Because there was a marathon out on the same course, the aid stations for the half were pretty well stocked with gels, candy, water and sports drink. Almost ultra-style - nice.

Finish Line
Downhill to the finish, on some bark chip stuff - kind of unsure on the footing there. Didn't seem to be anyone around until I got all the way through the chute, but that's probably because I was coming in at a weird time - way after the 5K, 10K and half fast people, but before the marathon winners.

Awesome. Burgers, sausages, chips and choice of microbrews. Hit. The. Spot.

This was kind of confused. Seemed to take forever for the results, and then there seemed to be inconsistencies between what the reported the day of the race and what ended up on the results page on the website. Thankfully, the Merrell rep was there distracting us with playing games of cornhole for swag.

The Big Blue Adventure guys give out pint glasses for age group places. They have for a long time, too - I have one from probably 2002, when I did one of their adventure races in downtown Reno.


Anonymous said...

No description of the course, trail conditions, scenery???

Turi Becker said...

What, no name, "Anonymous?"

All that was on my other blog post about the same race. This was kind of a report card thing I was doing for races at this time last year.