Friday, June 18, 2010

Race Reports

The few times I've been able to chat with a race director after a run, I've been impressed with how interested they are in getting good feedback about their event. Was the course marked well, how do the t-shirts look, etc. Because of this, I've decided to start including a "Race Report" about runs that I do - hopefully on e of the RDs will see it and appreciate it. If not, oh well - at least I'll have a running record of my opinion as to what to do or not to do when putting on a race.

(I think I'm a pretty good person to do this, by the way. I generally come away from races pretty happy, and am not terribly critical. If there is an obvious deficiency somewhere, I'll mention it, but hopefully without being a jerk about it.)

I'll start with last weekend's race, the Fitch Mountain Footrace in Healdsburg, CA.

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