Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy weekends

Wow, look at that race schedule coming up, people. Seems like there's at least one race a weekend, sometimes two, up to five (!?) every weekend from now until early October. Let's see, we've got:

8/28 - Big Blue 5/10K Trail run up at lake Tahoe, along with the XTERRA events

9/4 - Reno 5000 "Run from the Recession" 5K - I think registration ends early for this, and it's a $40 5K - ouch...
and a cool-looking trail run up at Kirkwood

9/12 - Fight For Air 5/10K and half marathon

9/18 - Tahoe Big Blue adventure race, and
Recovery Month 5K and half marathon in Fallon
9/19 - RGJ Journal Jog, one of Reno's biggest community events
Emerald Bay trail run from Big Blue Adventures. This one looks beautiful...
AFLAC Iron Girl Triathlon, at South Lake Tahoe

9/27 - Battle of the Rattle 5K, up Rattlesnake Mountain
9/28 - Lake Tahoe Marathon
9/29 - Safe and Healthy Homes 5K River Run/Walk

10/2 - a Kids Goblin Run in Carson
10/3 - Race For the Cure events, out at Boomtown this year
Sparks Half Marathon, a new event
Kokanee Salmon Festival runs, at Camp Richardson, South Lake Tahoe

10/9 - Cancer Firkin Sucks 5K
Tough Mudder Norcal
10/10 - Run Ed Run 5K/10K in Minden

10/17 - Run for Education 5K/10K

10/23 - One Day on the Street 5K
10/24 - Fall Colors Half Marathon/10K

10/30 - Reno 5000 Trick-or Treak 5K

PACKED schedule. So get out there and sign up for some stuff before the prices start going up, eh? Can't wait to see you all out there!

As for me, I'm headed up to Portland this weekend to do the Hood to Coast Relay with some friends. Expect a photo heavy post coming from that next week.


HiAltDawg said...

Good luck in the relay. Thanks for the list of races; we got some tune-ups before ToughMudder.

Gretchen said...

Ooh, good stuff, thanks for the links! I might have to jump into one or two of those shorter races.

I'm super bummed I have a conflict with the Emerald Bay run this year. That one is a "must do!" Probably running the half at LTM though.

Which ones are you running, Turi?

Have fun at HtC!!

Turi Becker said...

I know, the conflicts are tough, huh? I'd love to do Emerald Bay, but the Journal Jog is such a big Reno event...

I might do the half at Tahoe too. I KNOW I'm doing the Tough Mudder on 10/9, and the Fall Colors Half, but other than that it's up in the air...

SnowLeopard said...

Yes, I'm grateful for your links- never before has my race schedule had so much potential! Now if only my knee would cooperate...

HiAltDawg said...

don't for get the Mud Run in Sac town on the 31st -- should be a breeze after ToughMudder