Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Reno Gazette Journal Jog

So, only a few changes to the Journal Jog this year. A new day (Sunday instead of Saturday), a new Start/Finish area and a slightly different course.

The new day and Start/Finish area probably had something to do with the church whose parking lot was used in the past as the staging area - although I'm not sure how they were supposed to get in there on Sunday morning, if Saturday had been an issue. They did host the packet pick-up on Saturday, instead of it being at a casino with a race expo - I'm not a big fan of the expos, but my son was disappointed that there weren't snacks. And the course this year was pretty similar to the last two years, with very minor changes. Mostly, the Start/Finish area was moved a bit east on Foster drive, closer to the front of Reno High School.

I was going to meet Chris and Dave at a specified place near where the start line was last year, but that got turned into "scan-the-crowd-for-faces" mode by the start line change. With about 4 minutes to the start, I heard my name called, and made my way over to them. With Chris recovering from an injury and there to pace us, our plan was to run the first half kind of easy, around a 9:00 pace, then pick up the last two or so depending on how we felt. And pretty quickly we were headed out, into the glaring sun.

As we turned the corner by Idlewild Park, there was some commotion as a girl took a spill over a traffic cone she must not have seen. Pretty soon, though, it was just a nice run through the park:

Dave and I soon realized how seriously our "pacer" was taking this:

There's one point in the course where there's a little out-and-back turnaround in Chrissie Caughlin Park. My photo of the oncoming runners is a little blurry...

At about mile three, Chris and I decided to try to do the last two miles in under 15 minutes. Despite his "socializing" - I swear, the guy must know all the runner in Reno - we made it. 7:09 and 7:02 pace for the last 1.97.

I got through the chute and back in time to catch Dave putting on a burst of speed to pass some guy (who, granted, isn't looking too good in that first picture.)

Fun day out there, guys. No PRs were in danger, but I had a great time.


HiAltDawg said...

Hey, I PR'd! In over twenty years of running, I never raced 8k; so today's 46:21 ends up a PR. Thanks, Turi, you & Chris were a big help keeping me goin'.

Turi Becker said...

Oh yeah - we did talk about that, sorry. Congrats on the PR, BTW!

SnowLeopard said...

I'm sorry I was the odd "man" out today- missed running with you guys! But Tahoe was gorgeous and I always live being introduced to new trails. :) Glad the three of you all had great runs this morning! And as always, you are quite the photographer~

Turi Becker said...

Can't wait to see your pictures...