Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy Weekend

Hi everyone -

A couple of good races coming up this Sunday I just wanted to remind everyone about.

The KomenNorthern Nevada Race for the Cure is going on out at Boomtown this weekend. A new course, so it should be interesting. Grab your pink accessories and join the crowds out there.

I'll be up at the lake, running one of the Kokanee Trail runs - the 10K, probably. Then hopefully grabbing a beer and a sausage at the Oktoberfest at Camp Richardson, right across the street. Last year there was snow, which made it kind of fun - doesn't look like it this year though.

Also on the calendar is the Sparks Half Marathon and 5K - but their website says it's been postponed. I've got an email in to see if there's any more information, and will pass it along if I hear back.

-UPDATED- Apparently the Sparks Half Marathon has been cancelled for this year - anyone who had registered has been transferred to their Stockton race on November 14. They're working on a date for next year. I'd suggest a summer date - there's such a shortage of races during the summer, and so many in the spring and fall...

Happy running and racing this weekend -

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HiAltDawg said...

I'll sport pink on Sunday.