Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kokanee Salmon Festival 10K

Headed up to South Lake Tahoe this morning with Chris and Dave for the Kokanee Trail Runs. Last year at this race we were greeted with about an inch of snow, but today it was all about the rain.

We got registered before the half marathon started, even though we had all decided to to the 10K. Here's the line up for the start of the half:

And the fast half marathoners heading for the first curve:

I couldn't get the camera set up in time to catch Abbey go past - she was here running the one-year anniversary of her first race. Great to see her. After this, I put the camera away, too - it was starting to rain a little harder, and we still had an hour to go before our start.

Eventually we were ready to go, got lined up, and took off. The first mile and a half of this course are uphill on the road, then not long after the 5K runners turn around and peel off, the dirt starts. Fun mix this year of puddles, mulchy barky mud and slippery rocks. No, really, it WAS fun - nice soft surface to run on, and beautiful views of Fallen Leaf Lake.

The elevation profile:

I was feeling OK, and other than a walking section up some steep rock stairs during mile 4, kept my pace fine. I even managed to pass a couple of guys that looked like they were possibly in my age group in the last quarter mile.

I finished in 53 minutes, and found that Chris had won the 10K in about 43 despite his, um, elective surgery on Friday. Pretty soon Dave came in, and Abbey finished the half, and we all stood around in the drizzle eating hot dogs and wondering how long the results would take.

Well, the weather had different ideas. The rain really started coming down, and the decision was made not to make everyone wait around for awards. Since the Camp Richardson Oktoberfest had been rained out as well, we headed into South Lake and The Brewery at Lake Tahoe. Despite their beers not being all that exciting, the food is pretty good (Thai pizza today) and we could dry out a little while watching some football.

Another fun Team Library Dork outing. Thanks, Abbey, for filling in for Amber, who had stuff to do back at home. And thanks to everyone who was out there making this a cool, fun race yet again -


SnowLeopard said...

Yaaaay TLD! And yes, thanks Abbey for filling in for me- I really wish I could have come out for a nice run in the rain. :) Good job Turi for getting in a nice solid run. Next race, Tough Muddeeeeerrrrr!

saucony said...

That was a great run! More power to you and God Bless!