Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold Turkey Run

Yesterday morning came early with about an inch of snow here in Reno, although none of it stuck to the roads. Nonetheless, it was a bit of a slippery drive down to Carson city for the Cold Turkey Run, the first in the Winter Trail Series. My wife and kids dropped me off at the start, and went and hung out with the grandparents while I was running.

The minute I hopped out of the car, a couple of people said hi - I swear, I seem to know more runners down here than I do at the Reno races. But I got signed in, dropped some stuff back at the car, managed to get my bib on right-way up on the second try, and lined up just in time for a quick briefing:

For some reason, it hadn't even occurred to me to think about what the course would be like. I had just thought "four mile trail run, no problem." I should have realized that this was pretty much all on the Escape from Prison Hill course - but with a bit of a climb to get up to it! Seriously, the first mile and a half was a 625 foot climb. I had to resort to my long-legged uphill walking pace more than a few times.

Had a bit of an issue with my Garmin somewhere in here - the GPS stopped recording right at the two mile mark. Later, I figured out what had happened - my long-sleeve t-shirt had triggered the bezel, getting into the GPS menu and setting the GPS to OFF. Guess I'll have to start locking the bezel now when I'm running with a long-sleeve shirt. At any rate, I now unfortunately don't have a course map or elevation profile to show you. Got the first two miles, at least - with the time data from the whole course. Maybe next year.

Once the course mellowed out a bit, I actually thought about taking some pictures. There was a lot of this, looking out over Carson City:

(My cell phone camera took a few of these weird stretched pictures. Anyone know why this happens? Is it because I was moving while taking it?)

Around the back side of Prison Hill, I tucked in behind Abbey and Shannon, two of the ccrunners that had come down to run the Fall Colors course a few weeks ago. I somehow managed to stay with Abbey, but Shannon kind of disappeared, especially on the downhill -

We finally crested the hill and retraced our route back down. I had to put the camera away then, because while the footing wasn't too bad, you really had to pay attention between the snow and rocks and stuff. Pounded back down to the start area in just under 45:00.

I wanted to get a bit of a longer run in, so after milling around and having some water, I headed out to run to my in-laws house on the other side of Carson. It was still a beautiful morning, and after about 5.5 miles, I reached their house. A few of the other runners that were training for a the Death Valley Marathon headed out south to add some more miles to their days.

So, a really fun race and a great start to the Winter Trail Series. I hope to get down to most of these, to run with a bunch of cool people and learn some more of the trails around Carson City. Thanks to Ascent Physical Therapy and everyone else who was out there putting this on - it was a blast.

And race results are up -


Nitmos said...

Cool pictures - literally. Do you live in antartica?

SnowLeopard said...

Great pictures- especially of Abbey! Wish I couldn't have been running with you both, even if I couldn't keep up. :)