Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Route retracing

So, last Sunday I did get out and spend my free Daylight Saving Time hour (and then some) running. Team Library Dork met up with the Carson City Runners in Galena, at the Fall Colors Half Marathon course. Some people who were training for a trail marathon wanted to get a 13 mile day in, while others did a shorter hilly out-and-back. Weather was chilly and drizzly, but in never rained as hard as it had during the actual race a few weeks earlier. Here are a few pictures from the run, there are a bunch more at Picasa.

Airplane turns!

I guess it's a measure of what a good time I had that, as I was driving home, I thought "Well, the weather couldn't have been much better." This on a Sunday that was drizzly and in the 40's, the day after a Saturday that was sunny and 71. But great company will do that. Thanks to all that came out -


Abbey said...

Great Turi! Again, it was a fabulous time. We'll all have to get together again and do some training on new trails in wonderful places!

SnowLeopard said...

Glad some of you had a good run! Damn Tequila... ;)