Thursday, November 4, 2010

What to do with your extra hour this Sunday

Fall is my favorite time of the year - crisp temps, sweatshirt-and-shorts weather, changing colors, the hint of snow in the air. Of course, some people's favorite part of the season is that extra hour they get to spend in bed on the weekend that Daylight Saving Time ends.

I'd like to offer a better idea with what to do with your "extra" hour this Sunday:


Seriously, if you're reading this, you probably would rather be out there running anyway, so consider this a challenge: Try to get out there for the whole hour that we're "falling" back. I'm sure going to try, probably somewhere down near the Fall Colors half marathon course from a couple weeks ago. Hope I see some of you out there!


C said...

My extra hour happened last weekend. I chose to sleep through it. It was glorious.

Happy extra running to you!

SnowLeopard said...

Um, I did something else with that hour (involving lots of tequila), but the run the next morning was still a good workout~ :)