Saturday, January 15, 2011

Centennial Slug It Out 10K

This morning brought the third race of the Winter Trail Series down in Carson City - the Centennial Slug It Out 10K. It was run out of Centennial Park, on the east side of town. I didn't see any slugs (this IS Nevada) so I'm not sure what that part is about - unless it's a reference to the softball fields that provided the parking area near the start of the trails.

I somehow misjudged the time it would take to get to that part of town from Reno, and was hurrying along to make it there in time. Got there with 15 minutes to spare, and I wasn't even close to the last straggler to jog up to the start area.

There's Kevin from Ascent Physical Therapy giving us the directions -

And the elevation profile:

The course took right off up into the hills - not a super steep uphill like a couple other courses in this series, which was nice. Pretty rocky start, though, and with the traffic, we all kept our heads down looking at the trail. Pretty soon things thinned out and we started climbing up into the first canyon:

And, looping around, crossing over toward the second canyon:

Looking back toward some more runners coming across a hillside:

I followed this guy for quite awhile - pretty scenic part of the course:

Here's a good look at the trail surface - frozen, rutted mud with rocks. Sounds horrible, but it wasn't too bad. Looked like it was going to get muddy after it thawed out later in the day, though.

With about a quarter mile left, the guy in front of me took a tumble on the rocks. I helped him up and got him going again, but I think he was a little shook up - I was able to pass him on a little rise right near the finish. If I had the order right in my head, I think that put me into fourth.

After the race, I tried to go out for another, slower loop on the course. I got lost pretty soon after the major junction of the "lariat," though, missing some of the red marking paint. Eventually I just retraced my steps back to the parking lot, but I got another 2.5 miles or so in.

Again, another fun race in this series. What a great way to get out and see some of the awesome trails around here that I don't know about, or get to run on much. Thanks to Ascent Physical Therapy for putting it on, and to the volunteers who were there helping out -


HiAltDawg said...

Good Job, T!

C said...

Amazing photos as always. What gets me though is that you can take photos during a race and still run so fast you can place. Speedy b@stard. :)

SnowLeopard said...

Yes. I agree that you are super speedy- really wish I could have been out there with youse guys today!

slowrunner77 said...

what - no pictures of Abbey?! Why do I keep reading this blog...
JK man. Awesome job. Looks like your rolling with this half program!