Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tough Mudder

Some of you may remember last October, when a group of friends (Team Library Dork plus Ben) took a little road trip to Bear Valley south of Lake Tahoe for the Tough Mudder race. Supposed to be a crazy obstacle course, it turned into a cluster of disappointment - waiting in lines at obstacles then slogging up hills to wait at the next thing. It felt like the whole thing was a big price gouge, from the fact that it was vastly oversold (hence the lines) to the charging for spectator access and any kind of food after the race.

My whole team swore we wouldn't be back.

Well, we just received email notification of next year's event. There's a venue change - to Squaw Valley. Much closer to Reno, and with early registration, only $65.

It didn't' take long to decide.


Still have MUCH too bitter a taste in my mouth from last year's event. I'll let others see if the organizers have learned anything from the dissatisfaction that was so apparent last year. If you're going, good luck.

 If you want a code worth $15 off before 1/28/11, let me know.

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