Sunday, February 6, 2011

Davis Stampede Half Marathon

This is the third year that Team Library Dork has sent a contingent to Davis for the Stampede events, and we represented well. Although a couple of us are out with general gimpiness issues, the other two of us PR'd in the half!

Dave, Chris and I met MUCH too early in the morning here in Reno, and carpooled our way over the hill to Davis. We got there with plenty of time to spare, got all registered up and ready to run. Bibs, shirts, porta-potty breaks, and meeting up wit Kirk and Charlie, a couple of other Reno runners, we were ready to go.

After a short delay while the 5K runners headed out, the 10K and Half took the line. Here's a couple shots from either way, one of the 5K going, the other of our group.

Big race like this was, of course chip-timed, but we lined up near enough to the start that we only had about a 10 second difference (We'll see what the official time is when the results come out.) At any rate, the first mile was spent jockeying and weaving through everyone to find a good pace group. Here's a photo from the first mile, which parallels the railroad tracks for awhile. The overpass in the distance is the only hill on the course, sometime during mile 5.

I was fortunate to have Chris pacing me - his gimpiness isn't letting him race at the moment, and I'm the lucky benefactor of having a pacer on my last two half marathons. The goals I had in mind today were A) to break 1:30:00, B) to hold to 7:00 mile pace (1:31:46) or C) to break my half marathon PR, which was 1:33:33.  While I was pretty certain the A goal wasn't going to happen, I had hopes for B and C.

As you can see, I couldn't quite hold on to the 7:00 mile pace, so I didn't make my B goal either. I think the problem was that we ran miles 4, 5 and 7 a little fast, having latched on to a guy whose pace seemed good for us, and I ended up paying for it later. But a good learning experience and a PR, so I can't complain.

It ended up being a beautiful day, if a little windy, and I wish I had more pictures - but the delay on my camera was acting weird and I ended up with a few shots of people's heels. Here's one that did come out, on a bike path coming up to the 5 mile mark:

Like I said, we had two PRs - Dave shaved a minute or so off his as well. Here he is on the final stretch, a two block shot to the finish:

After a wander to Fleet Feet, lunch at Noah's Bagels in Sacramento, and the obligatory stops at BevMo and Total Wine, we bombed back to Reno in time for the sports fans to get ready for the game. I, um, did laundry.

Thanks to Dave, I'm now enjoying a "PR Beer" - a Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island. Less than halfway through, and I'm about to fall asleep.

Good times, and a great race, guys. Thanks -


Ryan said...

Nice job, Turi!

Berry van der Linden said...

I took some pictures today see my Flickr:

Berry van der Linden

Stacy said...

Sounds like a fun day and that's a great result. Congratulations!

Darren said...

Great run Turi!

SnowLeopard said...

You guys didn't win anything at Fleet Feet this year? That's only cause I wasn't with ya! What a beautiful day- Congrats to you and Dave for setting new PRs! I have faith that you'll beat that 1:30 time at the Reno Rockin' Half in a few months~ :)

HiAltDawg said...

I won a waterbottle.

My verification word: diers

Nitmos said...

Solid PR! And your A to C goals are so close in time that it's only a matter of a short amount of time before you hit the trifecta. Rock on!