Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fresh Tracks Snowshoe 5K

All of Team Library Dork together again for a race! Hasn't happened since the middle of last summer. And today, we did it right...

Amber, Dave, Chris and I all met in south Reno to carpool up to Camp Richardson for the Fresh Tracks Snowshoe 5K.  A pretty uneventful drive got us to the race area over an hour early, so we got registered and tried to figure out what to wear. The temps were barely in the teens when we got there, but would be all the way into the twenties by the time we ran.

Chris elected to run in shorts, as he did two years ago at this same race. This time he was the only one, and he had fun with it -

We did some more silly photo-taking -

And then got lined up for the start:

I didn't get any pictures on the course - I was too busy trying to survive. Wasn't feeling it, and even the smallest hills made the snowshoes on my feet feel like lead weights. had to take a few little walk breaks on the hills - here's the map and data from my Garmin:

Next photo I have is of Dave, coming through the finish line with some nice form. He had some issues with the rental snowshoes he had, and didn't have a much nicer time out there than I did...

Chris came through with an appropriate brew for us to sip while waiting for awards - a New Glarus "Snowshoe Ale" - which was an Amber ale, so doubly appropriate.

After enjoying that, and some brats and snacks courtesy of grillmaster Dave Cotter, it was time for the awards. Chris got edged out for the overall win, but he and I were 1st and 2nd in our age group. Amber and Dave both wound up with 3rds in their respective AGs, so it was a medal sweep for Team Library Dork!  And cool medals, too - little replica snowshoes with the age group info and even our times written on them. Chris is excited.

We headed back to Stateline for lunch, having heard of a microbrewery there we hadn't tried. Stateline Brewery turned out to be a pretty major disappointment - despite good service and decent food, they only brew four beers there - and were out of two of them! The ones they did have were summery beers - a wit and a pislner, if I remember correctly. Not that impressed.

Back in Reno, I appear to have caught a cold from all the standing around in the snow. Back to the couch and a cold medicine induced stupor for me as soon as I'm done typing this. It was worth it, though - awesome day on the snowy trails with TLD!

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SnowLeopard said...

Yaaaaay TLD! It felt SO good to be out with the team again! And we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. :) Once again, thank you for driving Turi, and Congrats on your AG 2nd!