Thursday, February 3, 2011


As I've mentioned recently, I'm a podcast listener. Most of my listening is done while I'm at work, but if I'm doing a treadmill workout, I listen to them there too. (I tend not to use headphones outside, to hear more of what's going on around me.)

Most weeks, I end up downloading more podcasts then I can listen to during work hours, so I have some "leftover" ones to listen to on the treadmill. For some reason, Science Friday from NPR usually ends up being what I'm listening to there - Ira Flado quizzing scientists about various topics.

Last week, though, I somehow burned through all my podcasts while at work and knew I wasn't going to have anything to listen to the next morning. Casting around for something to download, I found the Podrunner running mixes.

I downloaded the latest mix (The Fire Inside) and gave it a listen during my progression run. It was a good dance mix at 147 beats per minute. In retrospect, that was pretty good for a warm-up but probably could have been faster for the speed sections of that run. The music isn't 100% my style, but might make a nice change once in a while. I'll have to be more careful picking the BPM that's right for what workout I'm doing...

One cool feature of Podrunner is another set of mixes they have up, the Podrunner Intervals - designed to work specifically with the Couch to 5K program ( as well as an 8K and 10K program.) If you're getting started on one of those training schedules, those are worth a look.


Nitmos said...

Hella Sound has some thumps tuned to a runner's cadence. Check them out:

Michael Zavis said...

Hellasound are $5 each. Podrunner is free and there are like 100 of them plus the intervals.

John at Hella Sound said...

Thanks @Nitmos!
PodRunner has definitely churned out a lot of beats over the last couple years, and they are free. That's nice, and I've run to them myself.

But if you're looking for something other than techno, I think we offer a nice alternative. For me, there's only so much techno I can handle. It's good, but it's not where I live, per se. I'm a rock guy at heart.

For the record, we also offer interval workouts (Lactate Repeats, with more on the way).

Yeah, our music is $4.99. But that's the price of a venti Starbucks mocha for 30+ minutes of music. I think that's a pretty fair deal, no?