Monday, March 28, 2011

Scheels FANatic 5K

The weather was iffy again last weekend, but it ended up being just a bit windy (and not rainy and snowy) for the Scheels FANatic 5K.

I got to the Scheels parking lot with just enough time to pick up my bib, get dressed for the weather, take a lap around the mall and do a few strides in the parking lot before people started lining up. After the countdown, we all took off for a little loop around the parking lot before heading out around Sparks Marina. It was a little tight on the corners for the first quarter mile or so, but spread out by the time we got onto the bike path.

As we wound around the lake, I kept a pretty good eye on the pace on my Garmin - I'd gone out a little fast, and was trying to keep it from creeping up above the 6:20s. The first two miles averaged about 6:22, and as I came around the back side of the mall to loop back to the start area, I checked to see that I was holding there. The last bit was into the wind, but I made it through the finish line in 19:30 - which I'm going to call a PR.

The slight change to this 5K course made it a lot closer to 5K than I've seen it here in the past - my watch registered 3.06 miles, which is about as close as it gets for that short a race. Glad they found an accurate route.

One of the best things about the races at Scheels is the swag they giveaway. Age group places get medals and gift cards ($25 for my first place 30-39 male) and they always have a big pile of stuff to raffle off. When they run out of names to call, they just start tossing stuff out to the crowd. My name wasn't called, though, and I positioned myself badly to catch anything. Can't complain, though - I did end up with a gift card...

Since this was a PR, I rewarded myself with a PR beer. My first visit to Craft's amazing beer cooler sent me home with a Nøgne Ø Highland Edition Imperial Stout. It was enjoyed. And opened with a popener, courtesy of Xenia.


Gretchen said...

Yee haw on a PR!! Nice job, Turi, that is super speedy!

SnowLeopard said...

Yaaaay Turi! I'm happy you finally broke your PR- all your training is showing how hard you've worked. :) I wish so
some of the rest of us could have come to share in your glory~

slowrunner77 said...

I'm just going to start calling you PR, ok?

Page said...

Nice job on the PR and glad to hear that the course is a little bit closer to accurate these days!