Saturday, March 12, 2011

Washoe(s) After Run

The Carson City Winter Trail Series finished up this morning with its last race, the Washoe(s) After Run. This was a 5 (ish) mile run heading off the east side of Washoe Valley, leaving from the Washoe State Park headquarters and heading up and down some pretty steep hills.

Again, I didn't leave quite enough time to get down there from Reno and had to hurry to make it to the start. Fortunately, they were lenient with the start time (I wasn't the only person rolling in lateish) and started about ten minutes late.

Here's Kevin from Ascent Physical Therapy giving us the race briefing:

Here's the course as well:

We got started, and basically dragged ourselves up a series of hills.

There were enough flat spots for short breaks that it wasn't terrible, though - at least until one last, killer section. It was second-half-of-Prison-Hill steep, and I took one look at it and decided to walk it. Pretty quickly, though, April here trotted right past me:

And she stayed in front of me for the rest of the race. Which was perfect, actually - she was wearing nice bright colors, which were perfect for some photos looking over Washoe Valley:

Right after the summit, though, there was a steep downhill on some snow. It took some figuring out of technique - I initially tried to tread lightly and stay on top of it, but then found that taking big steps and post-holing through the crust with my weight seemed fastest and most stable. Glad I was wearing calf compression sleeves, or my shins would have taken a beating on the icy crust. Couldn't get a picture of that; I was concentrating too much.

I did get a picture of some of the snow on the trail a little later, though:

That was about half a mile from the finish, a nice flat end to a crazy hilly race. Sure were some great looking trails back up in there - another area near Carson to come explore sometime.

It looks like there are some race photos available through the CCRunners website - take a look and buy one to support the Capitol Soccer Club!

Thanks again to Ascent Physical Therapy for putting on this series - I had a blast, met some great people and ran on some cool trails I'd never seen before. Looking forward to next winter already!

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SnowLeopard said...

That looks like a pretty good hill in there! Nice job on your third-overall. :) I'm glad you're making some connections with the Carson runners...