Sunday, April 17, 2011

A nice weekend

Did some running by myself this weekend - just didn't work out to meet up with anyone. Ended up having a nice couple of runs, though.

Saturday morning was the last of my "half marathon simulation" runs from the training plan I'm on. This called for an easy 6 miles, followed by six miles at race pace, with a 1-2 mile easy cool down. These happened every two weeks throughout the program, and due to weather or some other constraint, I did most of them on the treadmill. That was nice from a pace control standpoint, but I really wanted to get out and run one on the roads.

Last weekend, for my long run, I scouted out the Rock 'n' River half marathon course, and Saturday I ran it again for the simulation. Kept the first six miles in the mid 8:00 pace range, which was OK. When mile 6 ticked over in Dorokstar Park, I sped it up to try to hit a 6:50-7:00 pace. The first one seemed pretty hard, but after the turnaround at the Patagonia Warehouse, I was able to hold the next 5 pretty well. Sure was a relief to hit mile 12 in Idlewild Park and back off, though.

Feeling in a pretty good place now, heading into one more week of training and a week of taper before my spring goal race.

Sunday called for a "35-40 min easy run." After all the road work, though, I've been jonesing for some trails - and my feet felt like they wanted to have a turn in my Vibram FiveFingers. So I took off at first light, trotted the mile from home to Rancho San Rafael, crossed the tunnel under McCarran, and headed up to the end of Evans Creek Canyon. It was a perfect morning for it - but not many people out yet at that hour. One dog walker and another runner going the other way. I made a loop out of it, crossing over McCarran and dropping back into Rancho farther to the west. Ended up more like 55 minutes, but it was a lovely morning and worth it.

My feet are a little beat up from the FiveFingers on the rocky trail, though - need to do that more. Look for a comparison review of the old FiveFingers KSO to the newer TrekSports I wore this morning next week sometime.

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slowrunner77 said...

that last simulation run = as ready as you're gonna get! way to go, man, the training is paying off!!