Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RoadID Customer Service

It's always nice to get great customer service, and in this case, I think I need to point it out.

Back in January, I ordered a RoadID - the WristID elite model. I've been wearing it ever since - not just for running, but pretty much full-time. Instead of having one more thing to remember to strap on when I go out for a run, I just wear it all the time and don't forget it. This means I don't take it on and off much - I'd say it's been off my arm less than ten times since January.

Which is why I thought it was weird that the clasp broke. I mean, it hadn't been getting much use.

As you can see from the pictures, it was the little bar that the clasp rotates on that came loose . It's basically riveted in to the clasp, so I'm not sure how it came loose.

I looked around the RoadID website, and the only customer service phone number I could find was that on one of the owners, Edward Wimmer. I shot him off an email explaining what happened, and within a couple days (from following his Twitter account, I think he was out of town or it would have been faster) he had replied, saying that he was sending me out a replacement clasp.

Another couple days, the clasp showed up and I'm back in business. What great customer service - that you can talk directly to the owner, who is more than happy to fix a problem. Again - great product, great company, and now I can say, great customer service.


slowrunner77 said...

a rare things these days...good for them!

SnowLeopard said...

Funny! I was just thinking about your ID bracelet today, and that I should get one. What's their website? Or I could just Google it...