Saturday, April 23, 2011

Safe and Healthy Homes 5K

At first, I was thinking about doing this race this morning. Then I decided not to, because there's just a week left until Rock 'n' River and I didn't want to push anything. I thought I might go down and watch Chris race, though. This decision was rendered moot by the fact that my wife had a different engagement this morning starting at 9:00. So, instead, I did an easy run and some strides early, before the family got up. But then my wife's event was rained out, so I was able to run down to Idlewild Park (1.8 miles from my house) to spectate. That's the confusion that was my morning.

Arriving at the race, I took a look around and scoped out the course map.  Looked like a pretty simple loop along the river to the west and back.

Finding the rest of Chris's family, I hung out with them in the rain for awhile wondering if Chris was going to make it in time. Hannah enjoyed her dalmation umbrella.

With his usual flair, he showed up from his warm up a couple minutes before the race was scheduled to start. Of course, they still had to have two different people give little speeches, and the color guard present the flag, and the National anthem sung - so he was in no danger of missing the start. Here's the lineup.

I flubbed getting an action photo of the start - my finger somehow clicked the video setting, and I got a couple seconds of confused "what's going on" kind of footage. By the time I figured it out, they were gone.

Since I haven't played with the videos too much, I thought I'd leave the camera on that setting and try to catch the finish.  Chris came through here, about a minute ahead of second place:

You can see him crossing the line at about 16:58, and completely stopped by 17:02. Not sure how they had his time reported as 17:07, but whatever. 

We went out for a cool-down jog - about 20 minutes, back along the course. Came back and waited around for the awards - a nice Eclipse Running gift certificate for first. After saying goodbye, I jogged back home in the rain.

So, kind of a weird thing, spectating a race. The first time I've done that, really - if I'm at a race, it's always been to run it. If I'm not there, it's usually because I have somewhere else I have to be. I've gotta say, a 5K is a good race to watch - only 15-20 minutes of boredom before people start coming in. Watching a half marathon from the start area has got to be painful.

My jogging down to the race, the cool-down lap, and heading home added 6.32 to the 4.21 miles I ran early today, for a 10.5 mile day. That's probably enough for now...


slowrunner77 said...

i got in 10.2 total - you kicked my arse, man! thanks for coming out - good to see TLD represent even when half of us are working. Can't wait for RnR! Sorry Amber...RRRRR.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I love the way you write and share your niche! Very interesting and different! Keep it coming!