Thursday, May 5, 2011

More pics and results from Rock 'n' River

First things first - Peter, who was out spectating and coaching his sons at the Rock 'n' River, sent me a few pictures he had taken of Chris and I. It's rare that I have any pics of myself running to put up here, so I thought I'd share them.
Here I am near the start. Still feeling fresh, trying to find a good pace out of the gate.

 Chris - not actually dorking off for the camera.

My view for most of the race - the backs of Fred and Chris.

 Why does it look like Chris is walking? 

Mouth full after a water stop.

As for the results - we didn't stick around after the race to check them. Wanted to get out of the crowds, have a bite to eat, that kind of thing. Later that day, a friend on dailymile that had waited for the awards told me he thought I had taken an age group 3rd place, which I was pretty happy with.

It wasn't until sometime Monday, when the results were initially posted on the Reno Gazette Journal's website, that I noticed something else: I had actually won the age group they put me in, which was FEMALE 35-39. Oops. 

The timing people, Synergy Race Timing, had a nice form on their website to send in corrections, which I did. Even got an email back from them in less than 24 hours, telling me that it would be corrected on their next update, which would be then next day - which it was. Very helpful there.

I also emailed the race director to let him know about it, but haven't heard anything back yet. The results listed on the race's website still show me as female. Not sure if or when they are going to update that, or if I'll ever end up with the AG award (I should have been 2nd in Male 35-39.)

In a related timing confusion, Chris thought it was funny that there were four women who finished before me. (He was doing a much better job of keeping track of other runners around us; I was really just worried about my pace.) After a little detective work using and zinsli, he found that 3 of those 4 either had much slower times listed or had no previous race results at all. So - it's possible that some of those were 10K runners whose timing chips got confused.

Seems to me that a race like this - a bit larger than the small, local races I usually do - would be more concerned about getting results corrected. I guess we'll see.


Darren said...

Good job out there Turi...regardless of your gender :-).

You just keep getting faster!


slowrunner77 said...

"Why does it look like Chris is walking?"
Stealth, my good man. Stealth. And what, exactly, is dorking off?

Turi Becker said...

Basically, being a dork. Reveling in your dorkiness.