Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Race photos from Rock 'n' River runs

Race photos are available from Valerie Lemiuex, a photographer who was at the Rock 'n' River events a couple weeks ago. Her website has galleries broken down by race, but unfortunately no way to search by bib number or name. Still, I was able to find my finish picture pretty easily by clicking through the half marathon gallery. Since the prices were so fair - From less that a dollar to around $5, depending on size - I went ahead and ordered a 5 x 7. Even though shipping was about $3, it was still a pretty good deal compared to some race photo sites that try to charge $20 or so for a race photo.

When the photo came, less than a week later, I could see why shipping had cost so much - First, it came from New York, and in an actual box! I had assumed I'd see an envelope show up. Kind of overkill for just  a photo. Still. a pretty good deal. If you're willing to search through the online photos for yours, it might be worth it.

Also found one of the back of my head in the start corral - apparently I like to look around to see if I can spot anyone while I'm waiting...

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