Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garmin Dilemna continued

Well, I jinxed myself there, didn't I?

No sooner had I posted about losing confidence in my Forerunner 405 than it freaks out on me.

I started the watch just like normal, heading out the door and up the hill toward the top of Keystone and the Peavine trails. At just past half a mile into the climb, I glanced at the watch and noticed it had gone back to the time readout screen. No problem - sometimes the cuff of a long sleeve shirt brushes it and sends it back. So I went back to the Training screen, to notice that there was a pop-up message saying "Hold reset to save activity." After some frantic button pressing, I found that, although the message remained on the screen, the timer and distance counter seemed to be working underneath it. That message stayed there for the rest of my run, until I got back to my computer and uploaded. This is what I ended up with:

Still not sure if I lost that first half mile or not - comparing it to other times I've done the same run, the mileage is pretty close.

A hard reset seems to have got the watch back to it's normal self.

This is what I'm talking about, though - I hate not being able to trust it. Starting to shop around at this point...


Darren said...


I used to have a 305, which worked great but I hated to form factor, now I use the 110. It's average pace calculations are based on predefined intervals and I think some users have issue with this. For example, I have my interval set at 1 mile so the watch tracks the average over that mile. When you look at the watch you won't see the pace you're going at that moment but rather a running average for the portion of the mile you've covered...confused? Anyway the 210 has a more robust set of features but it comes with a higher price tag.

The thing I like most about the 110-210 line (aside from size) are the buttons. more "watch" like and less problematic that the touch screen stuff.

You look lean and mean in your RTO pictures!

Turi Becker said...

Thanks for the input, Darren - Nope, that all makes sense. In fact, one of the first things I dealt with when I initially set up my watch was the problems in viewing "current pace." If I use the footpod as well as the GPS, it gives better data there. I've settled, though, on just watching cumulative pace for the whole run, and noting whether it's rising or falling.

Still looking at the 310CX for battery life and durability, but not sure about the big form factor...

slowrunner77 said...

Kill it! Kill it with fire!