Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moonlight Madness 5K

This year's Moonlight Madness race - light on the moonlight, but heavy on the madness.

I've done this race three times before, in 2008, 2009 and 2010, which I think is all the times it's been run. The first two years it ran in December, when it was actually dark out in the evening. Last year they switched it to July, and the race started while it was light and ended at dusk or just after, depending on your speed. Most of those first three races, the moon was covered by clouds, but peeked out for an appearance now and then. This year, though, they chose a date for the race that was only one day away from a new moon - so there wasn't much more than a silver.

Not that the moon was visible, anyway. After a pretty nice day, some threatening looking clouds rolled in for the afternoon. During the kid's mile race, a few stray lightning strikes started off to the east. They started the 5K/10K as billows of smoke started rising from a fire in Keystone Canyon, just above Rancho San Rafael. A few raindrops fell on me starting about 2/3 of the way through my run, but I finished and got undercover before the hard stuff started coming down. The 10K runners got completely drenched with painful pelting raindrops.

To add to the "Madness", some of the front runners got themselves off course. As they came past the start line area on the way up the hill, a few people peeled off to the right instead of continuing on the path straight up the hill. As I came by that point, paced by Chris, somebody yelled at us to "Go straight up the hill." Of course, it wasn't at all apparent what they meant by that. Really wish there had been some better signage there. Since I had run the course before, though, I just stayed on the path I knew and ended up running exactly 3.1 miles. When I got home, I compared my watch data to the courses from previous years, and it looks to me like I ran the exact same route.

We bailed out of the zoo that the finish pavilion turned into, with everyone huddling out of the rain, and came back to my house for a Team Library Dork beer tasting and pizza. The results got posted at pretty quickly, and I see that after all the mess, they have me as 10th overall in the 5K, and winning my age group. (And finishing right behind 1st female, my usual spot.)  Dave toughed it out for a strong, soggy finish too.

Wonder if they'll get around to sending out awards to people who didn't stick around in the rain after the race?


SnowLeopard said...

Well, I'm sure I would have one of the lucky runners to get caught in the rain if I'd gone. I did get rained on at the Lady Antebellum concert up at Tahoe though. I'm sorry I missed the tasting after~

slowrunner77 said...

your data shows the elevation climb in METERS...mui macho!