Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reno 5000 Firecracker Duathlon

Finally, I got to attend a Reno 5000 event. I wasn't running today, but got to tag along and pace my friend and fellow Team Library Dork member Amber - who was herself sitting in for a friend who was injured and couldn't do her running legs of the relay.

We met at the race start area about an hour before the start, and quickly found Richard and Emma - Richard would be doing the bike portion, and Emma was sitting out. Here's Richard and Amber, pre-race -

We took Amber through the pre-race stuff including the "body marking" - kinda weird for me - I'm a runner and have never witnessed this strange ritual...

Before too long, it was time for the start. I managed to get a picture before sneaking back onto the course to catch up with Amber.

The format of this duathlon was 5K run, 30K bike, 5K run. It was kind of crowded on the first lap of the run, and I didn't manage to get any decent pictures until we moved from the paved roads onto the dirt. From there it was a pretty simple elevation profile. We went up a hill:

Did some flattish stuff at the top of the hill:

And then headed into some rocky, technical downhill:

A little more on the road, and it was back to the start/finish for the first transition.

And Richard was off. Amber, Emma and I milled about for awhile, but Richard made good time on the bike, so before we knew it, it was time to run again. Here's T2:

I caught up to Amber on the other side of the transition area, ans she seemed to be feeling better - the nagging calf cramp that she had during the first 5K had gone away. It felt like we were moving faster on the second lap, though that may have been just the lack of people around us. So now, we just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery.

I had changed from road shoes to my FiveFingers Treksports for the second 5K, so was being pretty careful with my footing. Between that, keeping an eye on amber, looking out for other runners coming along, and looking out for good photo ops (trying to minimize shooting into the sun, etc.) I had a lot to think about. Here's what I came up with on the second run:

At one point, a string of faster runners came through. I had got out in front a little to get a photo, and was able to catch this. It looks like Amber is about to fall, but I don't remember that - I think it's just a trick of the camera.

Not too much longer, and I had to sprint ahead to get a finish picture. There was kind of  a traffic jam, though, and this was the best I was able to do:

After the finish, we had a lot of hanging around, trying on of shoes, rehydrating and finding of shade. Eventually, the raffles and awards were done - Amber and Richard ended up with 3rd in the coed relay division. Nice little crystal trophy for that. Richard won a jersey in the raffle - the last raffle prize awarded other than the Trek bike they gave away.

(You can almost see Amber's hat in there somewhere...)

All in all, a very well run race. I'm kind of curious about the whole duathlon thing (I don't really swim, so am not really tri-curious) and this made it look pretty intriguing. I'd also like to come out and run in one of the Reno 5000 races - seems like they've got a pretty good thing going on.

Thanks for dragging me out to this, Amber - had a good time. More pictures here, for anyone who's interested.

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SnowLeopard said...

WAY too many pictures of my backside. But I greatly appreciate you coming with me, navigating that technical trail and being my official photographer! :) It was a fantastic day~