Friday, July 22, 2011

Simple Hydration on Kickstarter

Over on Kickstarter right now is a project which may be of interest to the running community - A designer named Brian Hock has come up with an idea for a shaped water bottle that can tuck easily into a pocket or the waistband of a pair of shorts, negating the need for a waistbelt hydration system. This looks kind of intriguing to me, so I've funded it at the basic level. Take a look at it - it's at least an interesting take on the classic water bottle.

Do you guys know about Kickstarter? It's a site where people put up projects to be funded, set a goal, and people pledge toward that. If the goal isn't met, no money changes hands. If the goal IS met, the transaction goes through and the project goes ahead. Pretty cool way to crowdsource funding, and there end up being some interesting things there.

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slowrunner77 said...

it only looks curved enough for white man butts...