Monday, August 1, 2011

Reno area scientist/ultrarunner featured in Popular Science

Flipping through last month's issue of Popular Science, I was surprised to read the words " Andrews and I lope down a path along the Truckee River that takes us away from the clutter of cut-rate casino hotels, strip malls and highway exit ramps that is downtown Reno, Nevada." It turned out I was reading an article on Bill Andrews, a molecular biologist who, with his biotech startup in Reno, Sierra Sciences, is part of a race to "cure aging."

Andrews is also an accomplished ultrarunner - the article quotes that he's run more than 100 races of 50 miles of more, including Badwater in 2009. While he doesn't directly attribute his running success to the anti-aging work he does, it does make sense to stay in shape if you're trying to live forever.

The article is pretty in-depth, concentrating on the human gene for telomerase production. I can't pretend to have grasped all of it, but it was pretty interesting. Wild stuff, happening right here in Reno's backyard. 

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