Monday, September 19, 2011

Emerald Bay Trail Run

Got to do a race this weekend that I've been hearing about, and wanting to run for a few years now. The Emerald Bay Trail Run always seems to land on the same day as the Reno Gazette/Journal Jog, and I've usually opted for the closer option - I can ride my bike the mile down to the start of the Journal Jog. This year, though, the Emerald Bay Trail Run is part of the Big Blue series, so I had to drop the Journal Jog and head up to Tahoe.

I headed out early, picked up Amber in south Reno and Abbey in Carson City, and continued on up to the lake. Between construction and a couple of biking events going on, there were a few delays, but we made it to the start area with plenty of time to pick up stuff, warm up a little and mug for photos:

We made our way down to the start area - a good pitch downhill towards the water, which we would have to run right back up a few minutes later. This hill on pavement gets people spread out nicely before entering the singletrack trail. One guy was way out front heading up the hill, then we all disappeared into the trees as we hit the trail.

The course wraps around Emerald Bay from the south to the north, ending at D.L. Bliss park.

 I had used the course map from the Big Blue website, which was a Google map and could be transferred to Google earth to view an elevation profile. This is what I was expecting:

And this is the actual elevation profile, from my GPS data:

Not really sure what happened on the Google Earth elevation, but, yeah - not what I was expecting. Just to note, that same process had worked beautifully for a couple of earlier races I had used it for.

At any rate, we were now on the trail and enjoying the great views and awesome trail conditions. There was a little dust at times, but that calmed down once the field stretched out more. At this point, I'm just going to throw some pictures up and let them tell the story. (I had fun with some of the Picnik filters after the fact, especially on the blurry shots...)

Did you see the balloon out over the lake in a couple shots? Must've been a nice day for that...

So after a pounding downhill, the race finished on an awesome beach area. Here are Abbey and Amber coming in:

And pretty soon after that, we joined the group soaking tired legs in the waters of Lake Tahoe:

Stuck around for awards - Abbey took 3rd in her age group, and brought home a pint glass - and I won a heart rate monitor in the raffle. May have a blog giveaway with that one of these days, we'll see. Shuttled back to the other side of the Bay, and headed back home.

While I was a little sorry to have missed the Journal Jog, that was a great race. Super fun and beautiful trail, and of course great company.


Gretchen said...

Love that race!

So wait, does this mean you're off the injured list? I missed that update somehow. You'll be at LTM then? I'm way out of shape, so I will definitely not be keeping up with you, but I'll look for you at the start!!

Turi Becker said...

Call it Injured Reserve, but I'll be there Sunday. Not sure about my speed either - hope to have a blog post up today with an update.

SnowLeopard said...

That WAS an awesome race! I just love how challenging and technical the course is, and how extremely beautiful! It's definitely worth the blisters. :) I wonder if you were going that much faster than I was that you burned 200 calories more than I did? I wonder if my Garmin is off? Thanks for driving Turi! I had a blast!

slowrunner77 said...

Dude...we will definitely do that as a trainer run. Next spring.
So...Google Earth...Tahoe is at 2100 feet elevation, huh? That shoulda been your red flag Turi :)

Turi Becker said...

Funny - it does say feet. I just assumed it was meters and didn't want to do the conversion...

slowrunner77 said... demonstrate the difference in coolness levels between Abgbey and Hair...the former is holding/drinking a beer while soaking in the lake, while the latter is holding/drinking a Recharge.
C'mon had been stepping up. Don't regress now!

slowrunner77 said...

where;d the extra g come from, G?

slowrunner77 said...

and the ;...Gaaa!!!
and what's a labatiou?

Turi Becker said...

Are they letting you drink at work now, Chris? ;)

I like Ab-guh-bee's new nickname...