Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spectrum Challenge

The CCRunners, a great group in Carson City, are putting on an interesting looking run/race/thing coming up on October 15th. It's called the Spectrum Challenge, and it'll take place in Centennial Park in Carson City. (I did the Centennial Slug It Out there last winter, and it's a beautiful area.) It's the format that sounds kind of fun - there will be seven flags ranged around the course area, with a marker of corresponding color attached. First person to collect all seven marks on their race bib and make it back to the start will be the winner. But - there's no specific route to take between the flags. If you want to bomb straight up the hill, go for it - or if you want to go around the side, feel free.

Sounds like it should make an interesting race. Pretty good excuse to go run around in the hills of Carson City, at least. Check it out over on their site, and sign up!

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SnowLeopard said...

Hm. A 9:00 Sat. start time. I'd have to get off work... Certainly looks like a ton of fun! Great way to get in some extra miles~ :)