Friday, September 2, 2011

Test results

Well, I got the results from my x-ray yesterday afternoon. Sounds like there was no stress fracture visible. So - that's good, because - well, there's no fracture. But it's also a bit bad, because now I don't know what the problem is, or how to fix it. It doesn't hurt unless I run - I'm afraid to run and test it out - so I don't know when to start again, or how much to try. Not to mention the upcoming races I may have to skip - Lake of the Sky, Emerald Bay and Tahoe Marathon.

Would appreciate any advice that anyone might have...


Anonymous said...

C2 Rower

from HiAltDawg -- i forgot my password.

my verification word: luoult

Turi Becker said...

Cross-training, huh? I guess there's that...

Stacy said...

Aaaah, Turi, this is lousy. You were on such a roll!

I lived through what sounds like an identical experience earlier this year. Stress fracture-like symptoms, but nothing visible on the x-ray. (I was told it isn't unusual for a stress fracture to not show on x-ray.)

I took a month completely off running, did a test run, didn't feel right, gave it a few more weeks, and have been fine since. Cross-training kept me reasonably fit and sane when I couldn't run.

Anyway, I speculate I've benefited since coming off the injury from a wider variety of running than I was doing. I had ramped up considerably the portion of my running I was doing on pavement and at speed when I got injured. I've also made sure I don't skimp on the time I try to get in barefoot on the grass to strengthen everything in the foot and lower leg. I've also kept my bicycle in heavy rotation.

This combo seems to be working for me. Then again, I could just be experiencing a run of good luck. Who knows.

I actually have a blog post mostly written touching on some of this, but haven't gotten around to a finishing it off. Hang in there!

Turi Becker said...

Thanks, Stacy - that's some good advice. I'm definitely going to give it another week (it's been one) before trying a test run. Hope I can come through it as well as you have -