Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekend events 9/24-25/11

LOTS of stuff going on this weekend.

First, it's Lake Tahoe Marathon week. That means all sorts of events, starting tomorrow, Thursday 9/22.  Here's a basic schedule of the running events - leaving out the swimming, biking and kayaking events:

Thursday, 9/22 - 9 AM - Speed Golf at Tahoe Paradise Golf Course
Thursday, 9/22 - 10 PM - First leg of the Double Dare (two 72 mile loops of the lake)
Friday, 9/23 - 7:15 AM - Emerald Bay Marathon and Half Marathon (first leg of the Tahoe Triple)
Saturday, 9/24 - 7:45 AM - Cal-Neva Marathon and Tahoe Nevada Half Marathon (second leg of the Triple)
Saturday, 9/24 - 10 PM - Tahoe 72 and 50 milers
Sunday, 9/25 - 6:30 AM - Marathon walkers
Sunday, 9/25 - 8 AM - Marathon & 20 miler
Sunday, 9/25 - 8:30 AM - 5K
Sunday, 9/25 - 9:30 AM - 10K
Sunday, 9/25 - 10:20 AM - Half Marathon

Yeah, I don't know how they keep it all straight either. I'm lucky to make it to the start of the marathon on time.

Also this weekend -

Friday and Saturday, in Rancho San Rafael, will be the 5K Foam Fest! Wish I could do this, it looks like fun. A series of obstacles, including crawling under stuff, through foam pits, and through a squirt gun barrage.

Also on Saturday is the Battle of the Rattle - a mix of road and trail 5K running up Rattlesnake Mountain in south Reno.  This one always seems to have a fast field, and looks like fun - I wonder if you have to run back down afterwards, too?

Sunday brings us the Northern Nevada American Heart Walk and run in Sparks, out in front of Scheels. There's a 5 or 10K option for the run, which goes off at 9 AM, well before the 10 AM walk.

And if you're looking for a trail run on Sunday, there's the Desert Dash 5K/10K starting out at the Golden Eagle Park area in deep Sparks. This one benefits the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity, and looks like a good way to explore some new trails out there.

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