Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've mentioned Kickstarter projects before - recently, the Simply Hydration water bottle (which incidentally, just came and I'll be testing out as soon as I'm back to running again.) But I saw this one today, which just sounds super fun.

Basically, ZOMBIES, RUN! is an app in development for your iPhone or Android device which makes running into an interactive story. You're "Runner 5", navigating through a post-apocalyptic landscape, and through your earphones you can year the zombies getting closer. While on your run, you collect medicine, ammo, food, etc. and then assign the supplies to different areas when you're done with your run.

I'm not a huge fan of the zombie genre myself, but this sounds like such a novel way to "run" a game, I'm curious enough to try it out.Go over to their Kickstarter page and read more about it.

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Mark said...

Just foound this game today on the Droid. Looks cool.