Monday, October 31, 2011

Reno 5000 Trick or Treat 5K

Somehow, I managed to get the whole family out for this one - my kids seemed pretty excited by the whole thing. They ran their first "kids run", a half mile out-and-back course, and then trick-or treated the booths with my wife while I did the 5K, a couple laps around the GSR.

Here we are beforehand - Spider-girl and Lt. Commander Data (hence the expressionless face.) I recycled my Magnum P.I. costume from Tough Mudder a couple years ago.

The kids race went off first, and it was hard to pick them out in the pack of colorful costumes. Barely got a shot of them over someone's shoulder.

Around the four minute mark, the kid's winners came blazing back down the chute:

And another minute or so and my two came through. Data there had to put on a burst of speed to stay in front of his sister.

After the finish, though, he laid right down on the ground. Had to get him back up and keep walking around. He apparently wasn't tired enough to break character for a photo, though...

It was finally getting dark by the time the 5K headed out, and we followed a line of plastic pumpkins and volunteers dressed as zombies for a couple laps around the Grand Sierra Resort. Got some funny looks from people at the driving range the first time by, but the were used to us on the second lap. I started back in the pack at the start, so got to pass a bunch of people on the first lap, then settled in for the second one.

It probably wasn't a great idea to push it as hard as I did, on the little running I've been doing - definitely felt a little headachey and off afterwards. But my ankle seemed to hold up - although that may have just been the adrenaline of being in a race environment. I'll test it out further later this week. Finished around 22:15 - I didn't wear my watch, and it was chip timed, so still awaiting results.

Fun race all-around, though - Reno 5000 puts on a good show. I think the turnout was around 800 people, and easily more than half of those were in costume. The kids loved their first half miler, and enjoyed the trick-or-treating at the sponsor booths afterwards. Great job everyone!

Results have been posted. Looks like they clocked me at 22:09, which put me in 25th place and an age group 3rd. Too bad we didn't stick around for awards. I hope they post the kids race times, I'd love to show them their names. Again, congrats to all -

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