Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Wrap-up

End of the year - I guess it's time for a wrap-up post. Weirdly, just like last year, I'm nursing a holiday cold for it.

There was good and bad this year. The good mostly came in the spring and summer, and things fell off in the fall. I'll let a chart of my monthly mileage tell the story:

That's a total of 1377 miles, and 189 hours (7 days, 21 hours) of running.

29 races:
Nine 5Ks, six 10Ks, seven half marathons, one marathon, and a few races of different distance.
Twelve trail runs, fifteen road runs, a relay and a snowshoe race.
Only bib number I had twice was #13, at the You've Gotta Be Crazy Run and the Anything is Possible 5K.

The spring and summer held a bunch of PRs for me. In the half marathon. I notched down my PR times at the Roseville Whole Foods Running School, the Davis Stampede, the Reno Rock 'n River, and finally the Avenue of the Vines for a 1:27:17. There were also a few 5K PRs thrown in - a 20:03 at the Spring into Action 5K and a 19:29 at the Scheels Fanatic 5K. (There was an 18:50 in Carson at the Safe & Sober 5K, but it was a short course.) While building miles over the summer for a fall marathon, I inadvertently set a 10K PR at one of the Reno 5000 races - after an easy 8 miles, I ran the 10K in 42:59. And finally, my fall goal race was the Lake Tahoe Marathon - where, despite an injury I still managed a 3:41:12.

So that would count as a pretty good year - except for the way I ended it. After the Lake Tahoe Marathon, and despite going to physical therapy, my left ankle kept complaining more and more. The only time I felt like I was making progress with it, I fell and hurt my shoulder, which still hasn't healed. And still, every time I go out to run, the ankle flares up within half a mile. And currently, with a chest cold, I can't even try that.

On fronts other than running, thinks have been pretty good. Passed my goal of reading more than 100 books again, clocking 119 this year - about 70% non-fiction.

And have still been baking - managed to master cupcakes this year, which have strangely always been a challenge for me. And doing the fancy stuff, like this Bûche de Noël -

I'm not one for setting specific goals, but letting them evolve over the season. With the way I'm feeling about running right now, though, I'm hesitant to even think about it. If anything, my main goals for 2012 will be to get my head and body back into the game, and run a few of my "legacy" races - the ones that I've been doing consecutively for years. I hope my body cooperates.


SnowLeopard said...

You changed your panoramic picture heading! Like the new one. :) Despite all the injury you've sustained at the end of the year, 1377 is still a LOT of miles! :) I need to calculate my mileage for the year too. I do know that I've swam 112 since June, and have over 500 walking and running miles since then too. Good luck with your goals next year!

HiAltDawg said...

Nice Job T! I'm going to chart my miles this year. Something I've never done in close to thirty years of running.

my verification word: ripsighe

Planet of the Apps said...

Started using Custom Orthotics, any other suggestions?