Sunday, December 18, 2011

Relay Peak (Almost)

Despite my lack of recent training, an invite from Chris and Dave to head up towards Mt. Rose for some late-season trail running was more than I could resist today.

Unfortunately, in was all of 19 degrees when I left my house. Two minutes away, where we met, Chris's car thermometer read 16 degrees. We were all wondering if we'd brought enough clothes, thinking it would be in the low teens or single digits by the time we started.

Hello, temperature inversion. At the trailhead it was 30+ and sunny. This made for some interesting clothing decisions while we met up with Wendy and her dog Bobby (Bobbi?) for the run. I ended up only slightly overdressed with a long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, tights and a knit cap.

We headed off up the trail -

And were soon rewarded by some awesome views:

(And I'm not talking about Chris's butt.)

After a mile or so, we could see the goal, Relay Peak:

Up until that point, the trail had been pretty good. Some sections of ice and snow, but pretty manageable. I was taking it easy, a little scared of taking a fall on my shoulder. Pretty soon, though, the trail turned into this:

I elected not to run any of the snowy parts - wisdom before valor, or something. Or maybe I'm just seriously out of shape. At any rate, Chris had been pulling away from me pretty hard, and eventually I was able to spot him - um, up ahead a ways:

My plan was to run until I hit the 45 minute mark, then turn around and head back. I took this picture at about the 42 minute mark, though, and it looked like there was going to be a good view just up the next rise. There wasn't, but I did get to see Wendy and Bobbi catching up:

Wendy and I decided it was time to head back down, and before long, Chris caught us up and passed us:

Yeah, he even looks fast injured, doesn't he?

Wendy quickly outpaced me on the downhill (I was, um, taking it easy on my ankle, yeah, that's right...)

As yo an see, a mix of trail surfaces on the way down as well.

One more pic before Wendy got too far ahead of me:

Finally finished - a total of 6.61 miles for me. Thought about stretching it to 6.66 and calling it the "Run From Hell", but it wasn't actually that bad.

Afterwards, Chris and Dave and I hit up Peg's for some post-run nutrition. I'm sure my breakfast quesadilla had at least twice the calories I burned on the fun, but it sure tasted good...


SnowLeopard said...

Wow. Have I become officially too busy to be included in the loop so I can turn you guys down? ;) Looks awesome up there. I haven't gotten to workout in 2 days and I'm feeling pretty icky. What a beautiful day. Great pics Turi~ :)

Darren said...

That is an excellent run!

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