Monday, February 20, 2012

You've Gotta Be Crazy 10K

Amber says we can blame this day on her - the one member of Team Library Dork that wasn't able to make it out to Verdi for the You've Gotta Be Crazy runs. Fortunately, we had the lovely Gretchen taking her place, but it wasn't enough - we had a sufferfest all around.

The weather was pretty decent, compared to past years of this event. On the cold side, sure, but that was expected. In the end, I ran in shorts, long-sleeve and a vest, and it was perfect. Light gloves came off after the first 5K.

I'd never done the 10K race here before - and almost didn't get to this year. At about mile 1.5, just after the big hill, I started getting a shin splint on mt right leg. Seriously can't remember the last time that happened. It started creeping around and stiffening up my calf, and I had to stop and stretch it a couple of times. I had myself convinced to drop at the 5K mark and take a DNF - but just before I turned the corner on Bridge street, it started loosening up. By the time I passed the start/finish area, it was pretty much gone, and stayed away for the second loop. Still - sufferfest.

Dave apparently had a similarly crappy race, and Chris did as well, ending up in 4th. Gretchen seems to have run OK in a crowded age group, despite trying to get over a cold. Hot dogs and chocolate milk were waiting at the finish, and we drowned our sorrows in a couple of stouts that Dave brought along afterwards.

No pictures from me - I didn't carry anything on the course, and didn't feel like taking pics afterwards. If I can find any from other sources, I'll post them.

Results are here.

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