Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 Reno Rock 'n' River races

Couldn't have asked for a better day for a race. I could've asked for a lot more training going into it, though.

After not being able to find the key for my bike lock, I was late in cruising downtown for the race start. After locking up my bike, I had a good 3 minutes before the half marathon started. Good thing I didn't need to use the restrooms or anything.

The first mile was crowded and easy, but I didn't think I was going to go any faster than that - and it was somewhere in the 9:20 range. It all slipped downhill from there - I didn't walk until after the 5 mile mark, but definitely took some walk breaks after that. At the 12 mile mark, I decided I was going to run the rest of the way in and see what I could do a mile in at that point. It was up near the 9:50 range. My overall time was 1:16:23, a 10:26 average pace and my worst road half marathon time ever by 3 minutes or so. (And 48 minutes slower than my PR here last year.)

Guess that's what comes from injury, laziness and lack of motivation. I've also got about 50 extra pounds that I didn't have at this time last year. Feels like running with a toddler strapped to the front of me. And looking at my training log for the first 4 months of this year, my monthly totals were 26, 27, 18 and 3. Miles. Total. For the month.

So it probably wasn't a good idea to jump right in and do this half. But this is a "legacy" run for me - I've done the half in all 5 years of the Rock 'n' River, and the Marathon de Mayo the two years previous to that. Didn't want to break the streak. That said, the injury that was bothering me at the end of last year is feeling bad again, right back to were it was. So yeah - probably wasn't the best idea.

The rest of Team Library Dork was out, though. Dave ran the 5k, Chris won the 10K despite his gimpiness, and Amber hit a 3 minute PR in the 10K. Great job out there, guys. Wish I could have represented a bit better. But at least I was out there and got it done.


SnowLeopard said...

There we are, all together. :) Through gimpiness and lack of motivation, PRs and life changes. This picture is making me a little teary-eyed- I'm really glad we were all there together, the 4 of us to run! Because that is our one constant, no matter what else is going one around us in our lives. Thank you for writing Turi

Steve said...

Good job Turi! You got out there. That's what you (and I) need to do when the motivation is lacking as it was for me, for months.

Now you need to get out more. Why? Because if you aren't, you don't post. If you don't post, I'm not entertained by said posts. Since it's all about me, you need to get out there for my entertainment!

Oh, and about the 50# weight gain? You need to send your amazing baking results to me instead of selfishly eating them yourself. See how it works? Help me help you.

Seriously, great job getting back out there. I know how difficult it is; I've recently been there myself.

slowrunner77 said...

I love both of the first two comments! That is all.

IveRunAmuck said...

Are you running in the Silver State 50/50 this year?

Turi Becker said...

Still thinking about it. If I do, it'll be slow...

IveRunAmuck said...

I ran the rock-n-river, did the half. Doing the silver state half, which will be my first trail half. Have not trained like I should. Guaranteed to be slow. But looking forward to it in a slightly intimidated sort of way.