Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reno Galena Fest Race Entry Deal

Somehow this race missed my radar until today, but it looks pretty cool. The Reno Galena Fest  is in their fourth year, and this year adds a trail run to their list of events. Past years had the Bloody Rose mountain bike race, but now runners will have the Wicked Thorn 7.25 mile Trail Run as well as a 1.7 mile option. Great trails down there, and since the Fall Colors Half isn't going on anymore, those trails deserve a race.

The way I found out about this race was an email from Living Social, a daily deals site like Groupon. The current deal is for a $12 entry to the race, down from $25. (Or $6 instead of $12 for the shorter race.) Follow the link above to sign up - that's the best deal on a race entry I've seen in a long time. I think the deal is active for two days from now, so probably through the end of this weekend.

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