Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 Kokanee Trail Runs

Half of TLD, Dave and myself, dragged ourselves up to south Lake Tahoe (my third trip up there in 4 weeks) for the Kokanee trail runs. I've done the half marathon and 10K here before, and always enjoyed it - although come to think of it, have never had good weather. In 2009 there was 5 inches of snow on the ground, and the 2010 races were held in a steady drizzle. This year, though, the weather was about perfect.

There was a last-minute course change this year - apparently the Forest Service was doing some logging near the trail, and we had to be rerouted. This was kind of a bummer, because it removed a lot of the cool singletrack for the 10K and turned the half marathon into two laps of the 10K course (plus a small loop.) But whatever; they did a good job coming up with a last-minute solution, and I hope the course is back to normal for next year.

Dave ran the 5K, so he was able to get a finish photo of me shambling down the chute in the 10K:

It was a pretty disappointing showing, which is par for the course these days. Dave, though, cut a bit off his 5K time on this course (the 5K course was the same.) And he got an age group second place for his effort:

Cool little handmade wooden "medals."

So, after the drive back to Reno and a city-wide search for pumpkin beer with gimpy Chris, we called it a day and another race in the books.


Steve said...

Race, race, race! Come join us for the Zombie Trudge, Turi. No performance expectations. Just a great single track trail.

Turi Becker said...

Zombie Trudge? The one in Sacramento?